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Our product range offers lots of metall bellows-  sprung- and safety couplings for almost each application.
WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Steel bellows welded to aluminum mounting hubs

The first clutch with a metal bellows made of steel which is welded to the mounting hubs of aluminum. The resulting couplings have the low weight of a bonded, and the resilience a welded version. (More...)

Easier assembly of drives with the plug-in metal bellows couplings:

The new developed plug-in connection makes it now possible to deliver our regular metal bellows coupling as a plug-in variation. The plug-in metal bellows coupling can be used there where usual metal bellows couplings can be mounted bad or even not at all because of less or no space or there where drives have to be taken apart very often because of maintenance. The coupling halves can be mounted to the main shaft and the output shaft and only have to fit into one another to receive a connection. With that kind of plug-in connection you can get a no backlash shaft-shaft-connection which you easily can connect and take apart. (More...)

Flange couplings
Almost all our standard metal bellows couplings can be adapted to a mounting flange, according to the gearboxes of robots or other flanges.

Bridge Spring Couples with very precise rigidity features
The new Bridge Spring Couples have very precise rigidity features with very small scattering bands; in contrast to others where usually large rigidity differences occur.Our Bridge Spring couples have various slit patterns that can be adapted to any application. Different rigidity attributes and spring excursions can be modified to meet special requirements such as centerings, threads or other coupler requirements.